Buckle Wrap Eco2 Collection


ECO2 Collection: Eco2 uses recycled tee shirts and other garments to create a sustainable, lightweight and ultra soft option for your buckle wrap. The regenerated colors retain the original color from the garments, preventing dyes and harmful chemicals from polluting our planet.

With the quick click of a buckle and the snug hug of a wrap, your XOXO Buckle Wrap Baby Carrier offers a unique combination that makes wearing your baby faster and easier. #itslove

Less mess to fuss with, more love to fall in love with.

One size, customized fit for all body types

Fits newborn to toddler, 7-35 lbs

2 panels overlapping from waist belt: 100” L x 15” W

Waist belt range: 27” - 60” 

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