Introducing Imagine Moonlight, a beautiful 100% cotton ring sling.

A fantastic sight celebrating the colorful spectrum of imagination! Primary colors against a solid bold color are given a unique appeal with the use of a diamond design and black weft. 'Imagine' ring slings are a versatile, one shoulder carrier made with soft and supportive 100% cotton woven wraps. Tula ring slings mold perfectly around a newborn and make quick ups with a toddler a breeze; making them a wonderful carrier for wherever you are, whenever you need it.

Baby Tula Ring Slings are made from our beautiful woven wraps, which are designed and woven specifically for Baby Tula. Baby Tula Ring Slings are perfect for a variety of sizes and situations from birth on, and are the fastest and easiest carrier on the market to use.


Soft and supportive 100% cotton woven fabric
Supportive enough for newborns and toddlers alike
All Baby Tula Ring Slings have a recommended weight range of 8-35 pounds
Easily adjustable to be used for front carry (tummy to tummy) and hip carries
Made with top quality aluminum SlingRings
Medium weight wrap (269 GSM)
Woven in Poland
Not sure which is the best carrier for you? View our comparison chart to find the best baby carrier option!

*Please note: Placement of the pattern in this wrap conversion ring sling may vary.


Baby Tula Ring Slings are available in two sizes, "S/M" and "L/XL". S/M is around 77" and L/XL is around 87" unwashed (slight variation is intentional as we cut to allow for up to 20% shrinkage with our Tencel blend). For reference, you can use your shirt size to determine what size would be best for you. However, the fit of Baby Tula Ring Slings is very versatile, and both sizes will fit most wearers.

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