Gadget and gears galore! Say hello to 'Zap'! A Tula Baby Blanket filled with robot friends on a light blue background! 'Zap' is covered with silly robots, springs, and gears in a bright combination of colors. This silky soft, viscose from bamboo, blanket comes as a three blanket set with two jacquard weave blankets; one in chartreuse green with a flying spring pattern and one in red with a repeating gear pattern. Enjoy our ultra cozy blankets for sleepy snuggles, comfy cuddles, a playtime mat, and more!

Versatility is essential for new parents. That’s why our silky soft Tula Baby Blankets (made from specially produced 100% viscose from bamboo) aren’t just for swaddling; cuddle them during your baby’s coos, giggles, and zzz’s. And with a variety of stylish designs, you’ll find that you adore the way they look and feel!

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