This straw cup set comes with a Sip & Spin straw cup that is especially fun, with a pinwheel that spins when you drink. This playful cup can encourage kids to drink more water instead of sugary drinks. The interactive Sip & Spin pinwheel can be a fun motivator for children with feeding aversions (transition from g-tube to oral feeding, sensory sensitivity, etc.) and other feeding disorders to drink from a straw cup.

This special set also comes with a bonus Zoomi straw. Made of silicone, the one-piece Zoomi straw is very easy to use, and it’s great for juice or milk.

Since both straws are valve-free, they get cleaner in the dishwasher, and are a snap to clean in the sink, too. These valve-free straws reduce risk of baby bottle tooth decay by allowing your child to sip easily. The Sip & Spin straw cup is a cute gift and a fun way to keep kids hydrated… Hydration Motivation!™

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