About the gemstones

We recommend this bracelet to help "lengthen the fuse" for all parents or anyone just needing a little assistance in staying calm in challenging situations.  This gemstone combination resonates calm support that is centered in the heart.  A great baby shower gift!

The Science of Gemstones

  • We use only high-quality gemstones from A - AAA grade for maximum benefit.
  • Blue chalcedony (blue stone) is very calming and centering to the emotional body.   Blue chalcedony refreshes like floating in a pool, or taking a dip in a cool mountain lake.
  • Chrysoprase (green stone) helps us stay centered in the heart.
  • Frosted quartz (white stone) amplifies the vibration of the chrysoprase and blue chalcedony.

Other facts

  • .925 sterling silver findings and clasp (clasp pictured below)
  • Strung on stainless steel wire
  • Beads are approximately 1/8"- 3/8" in size.
  • Handmade in the USA by work-at-home moms.

Wear & care

  • Gemstones do not need to be worn against the skin to be effective.  They only need to be in close proximity to the body so carrying them in a pocket also works.  This is a great option for boys/men. 
  • The effectiveness of gemstones should last indefinitely.  They do not wear out or need to be replaced over time.
  • Remove before bathing or swimming.
  • Periodically the beads may be rinsed in water and dried with a soft cloth to remove any residue that may accumulate over time.
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