Helps to alleviate the discomfort of arthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome, and tendonitis in the hand/wrist.  This bracelet should fit snugly when worn for therapeutic reasons, and worn as much as possible, including overnight.

100% Authentic Baltic Amber - Guaranteed!

Our necklaces and bracelets are made of natural, high-quality, authentic Baltic amber, the most esteemed type of amber in the world.  Our amber jewelry is not made of plastics, synthetics, copals, reconstituted amber, or any other imitation of Baltic amber. 

For hundreds of years, Baltic amber has been a traditional remedy and curative for many ailments and discomforts.

Baltic amber is a natural product - it does not come from a dye lot!  Every piece is uniquely beautiful in its varying earth-tone shades. Slight variation of color and markings is not unusual.    

About this bracelet

  • Bead size is 3/16". 
  • Made with polished Baltic amber beads.
  • Strung on elastic cord
  • Handmade in Lithuania  
  • Your very own unique piece of natural history!
  • Fits 6 1/2 to 7 inch wrist
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