Misfit Mermaid ... it's a whimsical, magical color, yet in a bold design that expresses that other side of you. A little bit of sweetness and a little bit of attitude!

Mermaid continues the proud tradition offfering "Low TENCEL®"/cotton blend woven wraps in the Bijou lineup! 27% TENCEL® lends Mermaid softness from the first wash, but the strong workhorse fiber cotton does the "heavy lifting" with ease. It is truly the best of both worlds. 

The design is inspired by the bold camouflage painted on large ships during the World War I period. The camouflage was known as Razzle Dazzle and broke up the edges of the ship to keep its distance and size an unknown. 

Misfit Mermaid is a very moldable wrap, that wears like a gentle hug. Passes lay smooth and pleat beautifully, creating intriguing overlap in the design. What is it not? It is not highly textured, yet not slippery, it is not saggy in the least, and it is not a wrap that needs breaking in. It is simply an effortless piece of fabric with which to wear your baby.  

TENCEL® is a fiber made from sustainably harvested trees. It behaves like wool's low-maintenance cousin ... cozy and smooshy in hand like wool, but machine washable.

The "Low TENCEL®" fiber blend offers amazing softness immediately after the first wash and wear. This is the sort of wrap that any new wrapper could pick up and enjoy because of how easily it glides, because it tightens nicely, and because it is lovely for newborns but will be great all the way through toddlerhood, as well. 

The color varies in different light. These photos represent the range of colors Mermaid achieves, but despite these efforts the color may be different in person than it appears on your screen.

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